Instant Logistic applies all the Swissmedic and GDP (Good Distribution Practice) guidelines for temperature-controlled storage and transportation of drugs,medicines and raw material for pharma industries. These directives make the requirements relating to temperature control even more strict. and this is the reason why Instant Logistic, in the recent years, is using dedicated & equipped vehicles for all these particular deliveries. Instant Logistic in this way is able to grant the correct transportation in full compliance with the prescribed temperatures, both with groupage and dedicated services. Express services allow Instant Logistic to collect the goods from you today and to deliver the next day, taking care - wherever is necessary - of all the customs clearance.
Instant Logistic applies all the ISO9001 guidelines. These guidelines allow our Team to track all National and International shipments. Being able to take advantage of our care and assistance in all kind of transportation: by land, sea, air, rail , supported by our Customs Team, which will deal with any possible need .
Our Customs Department can deal with all your requests, both in the standard national & international import / export routine for general cargo, as well as for particular needs such as the Chemical / Pharmaceutical, food, fine wines, art, here we can also offer the possibility of carrying out practices with the VAT deposit or setting up Fiscal Representations, with complete assistance even at an international level thanks to our agents active in the main world-wide ports, airports and international bureau.